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“Strengthening the Capacity of SETS Providers in Domestic and Family Violence”

Migration Council Australia has been appointed by the Australian Government as the facilitator of a Community of Practice (CoP) for the 112 lead settlement service providers delivering the Settlement Engagement and Transition Support Program (SETS). The purpose of SETSCoP is to facilitate ongoing sector engagement, capacity building, and the sharing of best practice to support better outcomes for migrant and refugee communities. SETSCoP has partnered with inTouch to support SETS providers to better assist migrant and refugee women who are experiencing family violence.

Sector needs analysis

inTouch conducted a needs analysis and in response, provided a capacity building program for settlement services across Australia, ensuring that the initiative met family violence sector standards and had a strong focus on trauma informed, culturally responsive practice. 

Online training package

We developed and delivered an online training package tailored for settlement service practitioners. This training content included: 

  • Family violence definitions, indicators, and risk factors
  • Principals of culturally responsive practice and intersectionality
  • Systemic barriers and discrimination clients from migrant and refugee backgrounds may face when seeking support
  • Response to disclosures, safety planning and referral

The training was offered to settlement services in all states and territories across Australia and each session was tailored to state-based law, available tools, resources and referral pathways. 

The project also developed content for an e-learning module on similar topics and resources to guide settlement workers who have identified family violence. This is a three-year project and training will continue to be offered over the next two years, moving from online to in-person delivery.

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