Annual Reports

Annual Report 2022/2023

Reflecting on 2023, significant milestones were achieved. Collectively, we provided specialised support to more than 4,000 individuals and 227 organisations. Our services spanned from training and crisis response to legal, immigration, and family law support, all the way to recovery and empowerment programs.

inTouch Strategic Plan 2022-25

inTouch's current Strategic Plan covers our mission and purpose, and outlines our values and priorities as we expand and fortify our services.

Annual Report 2021/2022

This year, our growth and adaptability was evident across all our programs, most notably through the work of our Sector and Community unit, which strengthens our relationships with multicultural and family violence organisations by delivering evidence-based projects, capacity building initiatives and community-based recovery programs. inTouch’s curriculum and case studies continued to be informed by our client facing programs- our case management services for victim-survivors, community legal centre and Motivation for Change program. Our Strategic Plan, endorsed by the Board this year iterated inTouch’s desire for growth, influence and leadership on a national stage.

Annual Report 2020/2021

In 2020-2021, inTouch met the challenges of the pandemic with confidence, flexibility and strength. We supported more women and children than ever before. We also re-envisioned our programs, resulting in more accessible and equitable access to learning and development. inSpire, inTouch’s post-crisis recovery program, achieved some remarkable outcomes, supporting ex-clients to build workforce skills, find employment and economic independence, mark cultural celebrations and connect with their communities.

Annual Report 2019/2020

The year was filled with achievements, growth, new projects and ideas across our entire team. It was also a year that presented us with many challenges as we all learned to navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic. inTouch’s leadership across the sector and commitment to client care was evident in our timely and adaptable response- transforming our service provision to safely meet the needs of our clients and the community.

Annual Report 2018/2019

The 2018-2019 financial year was our biggest yet. We continued to grow and deliver our programs and services but we also developed new initiatives that we believe will collectively leave an even greater impact. Recognising that in order to work towards a society free from violence, we need to challenge the individuals who use violence. Using the in-Language, in-Culture delivery model we utilise for victim-survivors, we developed Motivation for Change, a program for men who use violence. We also launched our inSpire initiative to support former clients who are moving on from experiencing family violence.

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