Noor Family Violence Survivor-Advocates

‘Narrating Our Own Resilience’

In 2018, inTouch established an advisory group to provide a voice to former clients – women from migrant or refugee backgrounds who have experienced family violence.

Formed as part of the response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, the group addressed the importance of a space for victim-survivors to safely and meaningfully advocate for change in the sector and broader community.

Known initially as Inspire for Change, the group rebranded in 2021 to Noor Family Violence Survivor-Advocates, reflecting the growth and development of the group, and its continuing focus on members owning their stories and using their experiences to advocate for change – narrating their own resilience.


Noor Survivor-Advocates provide expert advice, based on their lived experiences, in the prevention and response of violence against women and children.

Primarily, they:

  • Provide ongoing input into in the design of inTouch services, programs, policy advocacy and projects to ensure that our services are fit-for-purpose, actively incorporate the perspective of our clients and fit the values and direction outlined in the inTouch Strategic Plan
  • Provide advice to the Victorian Government on how to ensure that the different and diverse experiences of family violence are reflected in legislation, policy and programs
  • Consider and advise how proposed family violence reform initiatives, projects or policies will impact those who require and use these services;
  • Participate in consultations and meetings with external stakeholders to ensure the Government’s response to the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence meet the expectations of victim-survivors and the community
  • Support the broader family violence and related sectors through consultation and co-design to increase the efficacy and suitability of support systems for victim-survivors.

What does Noor stand for?

‘Noor’ means ‘light’ in many languages around the world and is also a common first name used throughout South Asia. It reflects the multicultural nature of the group, while also highlighting their role shining a light on issues faced by victim-survivors, and as beacon of hope for other women experiencing family violence.

Noor also stands for ‘Narrating Our Own Resilience’, acknowledging that these women’s stories are powerful, and that they are strong, resilient and expert advocates contributing to the development of an appropriate and responsive system that reflects the experiences and needs of victim-survivors.

They represent the resilience, strength and determination of survivors who are dedicated to using their experiences to make the lives of others better and safer – lighting the path ahead.

Who Are Noor’s Survivor-Advocates?

Noor Survivor-Advocates are ex-clients of inTouch, who have personal lived experiences of family violence and migration in Australia. Every woman’s journey and life experience is unique, and so are Noor Survivor-Advocates. They represent a range of cultural, religious, linguistic and migratory backgrounds.

All members are at least 1-year post case management and on their individual journeys of recovery. inTouch provides ongoing support to members to ensure that they are safe and supported throughout their work.

What Kind of Work Does Noor Do?

Noor Survivor-Advocates have consulted with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders, including government departments, community groups, inTouch programs and policy areas.

These include:

  • Department of Justice and Community Safety
  • DV Vic
  • Department of Families, Fairness and Housing
  • Commonwealth Government
  • The Salvation Army
  • Safe+Equal
  • Victoria Legal Aid
  • WIRE
  • InTouch Policy, Direct Services and inSpire programs

Noor Survivor-Advocates engage on and have expertise on broad range of issues relating to family violence and migration. Previous consultations include:

  • Appropriate media reporting and identification of victims of sexual offences
  • Service coordination, access and best practice across family violence and associated sectors
  • Coercive control, financial and migration abuse and additional forms of family violence
  • Equitable and safe access to support services for women from migrant or refugee backgrounds
  • Roll out of Specialist Family Violence Courts
  • Media opportunities, public speaking and panel events


Get in Contact

If you would like to speak to someone about consulting with Noor, please contact inTouch either via online form or phone and we would be happy to discuss further.