About inSpire

inSpire works with migrant and refugee women who have experienced family violence and are on their journey to recovery.

What is inSpire?

inTouch’s case managers do a terrific job ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the women that seek our support but healing from the trauma of family violence is often a long and complicated process.

For migrant and refugee women, it can be even more difficult to engage with the community post-crisis- which is where inTouch’s inSpire initiative steps in.

inSpire was established in 2018, following the identification of a gap in support experienced by women from refugee and migrant backgrounds post-crisis. It was clear that these women were experiencing a number of institutional, cultural, social and financial barriers after incidents of family violence. Our clients told us that they needed assistance boosting their confidence, skills and community connections in order to rebuild their lives, their way.

Designed and utilised by migrant and refugee women who have experienced family violence, inSpire focuses on two core streams of programming-

Economic Independence

Doing your resume, knowing your skills and what you can do boosted my confidence. Even though I saw my resume, I didn’t feel good about it, like it’s nothing. Doing this… that’s when the lightbulb popped. I slowly began to feel good about it. Because of this project, I got interviews, I understand about CVs. It was really great

inSpire Program Participant

inSpire has created a suite of programs to build our clients’ skills, knowledge and confidence when it comes to engaging with the Australian job market.

When trying to find meaningful employment, many migrant and refugee women face language barriers, visa issues, or simply may not have the Australian work experience or references they need to be a successful candidate in a highly competitive environment.

Through continuous collaboration with our community partners across Victoria, inSpire provides-

  • Career mentoring with bicultural mentors
  • Small grants programs, which provide women with learning and information technology, childcare and technical training
  • Skills audits
  • Resume writing and interview preparation
  • Work experience
  • Connections with recruiters
  • Support in growing professional and personal networks and pathways

Social Connection

We don’t go out normally. Thanks very much for inviting us to the Luna Park Festival- my daughter was so excited while I was telling her that we were invited to Luna Park, because she has always wanted to go but I haven’t been able to take her. We really appreciate it.

inSpire Program Participan

For women who may have no family or friends, or who have lost connections due to their experiences of family violence, Australia can be a lonely place.

This can be most difficult during times of cultural significance, when families usually gather together, share food and exchange gifts, which is why inSpire marks holidays like Eid, Diwali and Christmas with special celebration. Events like these create lasting friendships and a sense of community amongst women and their children, who may have similar experiences, or share culture and language.

Similarly, inSpire targets the financial barriers that can make extracurricular activities a challenging prospect. Children that play sports and participate in arts-based programs outside of school form crucial connections with their communities- resulting in a positive outcome for their parents, too. inSpire funds several scholarships to remove these financial barriers to participation, and focuses on organising child-friendly events, so that mothers and their children can create positive memories together.

How Can I Help?

Great question! The inSpire initiative relies solely on the generous assistance of our patrons and donors. Demand for our critical work continues to grow, and you can support us by making a tax-deductible donation.

Can I Volunteer or Partner with inSpire?

Absolutely! We are particularly keen to build relationships in the areas of training and upskilling, pathways to employment and opportunities for families to come together. To learn more about our work, please contact us at inspire@intouch.org.au

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