Position Paper: The Causes and Consequences of Misidentification on Women From Migrant and Refugee Communities Experiencing Family Violence

Misidentification of the predominant aggressor occurs when police and other areas of the justice system incorrectly identify a victim-survivor of family violence as the perpetrator. This can cause significant and far-reaching harm. This paper focuses specifically on the experiences of misidentification among our clients: women from migrant and refugee backgrounds that have experienced family violence.

Issues covered in the position paper include:

  • Why misidentification of the predominant aggressor occurs
  • Communities at high risk of misidentification
  • Different types of misidentification and how this can be manipulated by a perpetrator of violence (including systems abuse)
  • Consequences of misidentification on the victim- survivor
  • Effects of COVID-19
  • Steps required to reduce instances of misidentification.

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