We know that healing and recovery from family violence can take a long time.

The way victims/survivors recover from their experiences may depend upon a number of things.

This includes:

  • the types of abuse
  • past experiences of abuse
  • violence and pre-migration trauma
  • strategies used to survive
  • strength and resilience
  • social connectedness.

Providing a holistic model of care

We are committed to providing a holistic model of care to victims/survivors of family violence.

Our recovery programs include:

  • individual counselling (in a limited capacity)
  • group recovery sessions
  • project-based counselling interventions

Our culturally responsive group sessions

During the past 10 years, we have successfully implemented group therapy to support women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. These women are in need of social contact and support as part of their recovery.

Our qualified multilingual and multicultural staff provide a tailored culturally responsive group environment. In this environment, women can safely explore and discuss issues relating to their experience of violence.

Groups are run intermittently with partner agencies across the metropolitan area.

Our culturally responsive projects

Safe Strong Counselling Project – with Arabic speaking families

In partnership with Kildonan, Sunbury Health and Foundation House, we were involved in the development and facilitation of 3 therapeutic group programs in the northern suburbs.

This project will run until June 2019.