The Royal Commission into Family Violence recommended that there needs to be an increased effort into preventing family violence.

Prevention of family violence is key to inTouch meeting its organisational vision that is culturally diverse families to live free of violence. The role of prevention is to address the attitudes and behaviours before they create harm. At inTouch we work closely with multicultural communities to build their knowledge, skills and capacity to identify and address family violence. In this work we use their language skills and their culture as a strength based response to family violence.

Our prevention work

Our prevention work is expanding with a number of innovative projects. We work with culturally diverse communities to raise awareness on the link of family violence and gender inequality.

We aim to foster respectful relationships through creative community engagement activities.

Related projects

Free from Violence strategy

In 2018 inTouch received funding from the Victorian Government as part of Free from Violence: Victoria’s strategy to prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women.

From July 2018 to June 2019, the Empowering Communities Initiative tested and evaluated innovative approaches to building the capacity of ethno-specific organisations in undertaking primary prevention of family violence and gender equality initiatives within the City of Greater Dandenong and neighbouring local government areas of Melbourne.

We have developed a resource using key learnings from the Empowering Communities Initiative to support work with diverse communities in the prevention of violence against women – Empowering faith and community leaders to prevent violence against women. Lessons from the Empowering Communities Initiative.

This resource provides information about the issue of violence against women, approaches to preventing this problem, and what it means to take an intersectional approach. Many of the challenges experienced by the Empowering Communities Network are likely to be shared by others working with diverse communities, and this resource is a useful guide in the planning and preparation of prevention activities from an intersectional perspective.

Read the resource: Empowering faith and community leaders to prevent violence against women. Lessons from the Empowering Communities Initiative.

We hope that you will share this resource with others who will find it useful and who will also adapt and develop further activities and share them with us so that we can all keep growing our knowledge about what is good practice in this field of work. We do encourage feedback about this resource with any suggestions for improving the content or presentation. You can provide feedback by completing this survey.

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