Clients’ Rights and Responsibilities

Clients’ Rights and
Version 2.0Effective date:
September, 2023


inTouch’s Board and staff are committed to ensuring that the rights of all clients
and users of services is respected and honoured by the organisation, its
employee’s and volunteer staff always.


The objective of this policy is to detail the rights of our clients and staff to be
treated with dignity and respect.


This policy applies to InTouch employees, students, volunteers, the Board and
contractors, all of whom must adhere to this policy. The scope of this policy
includes all inTouch dealings with clients, regardless of the place or reason for the


inTouch believes in the following rights for its clients:

  • The right to receive assistance in a crisis or to prevent a crisis.
  • The right to access crisis and transitional accommodation and long-term housing, based on fair policies.
  • The right to have assistance to find and manage appropriate long-term housing.
  • The right to feel safe.
  • The right to be free from discrimination because of gender, age, sexual preference, religion, social class, ethnicity or culture.
  • The right to respect for their culture.
  • The right to respect, dignity and privacy.
  • The right to make choices and determine your future.
  • The right to participate in decision making.
  • The right to have assistance to access income support, employment, health services, educational opportunities and other support services.
  • The right to make a complaint and appeal, and receive a fair hearing, have an advocate speak on their behalf and receive a meaningful response.

inTouch will make every effort to make these rights a reality for their clients, to
ensure that clients can regain and build their dignity, self-esteem and personal


Staff Responsibilities
All staff are expected to adhere and respect the rights of individuals and failure to
do so may result in disciplinary action.

Clients’ Responsibilities
Clients of inTouch have the following responsibilities:

  • To treat other people with respect
  • To participate in their case planning
  • To adhere to acceptable codes of behaviour
  • To co-operate with inTouch’ staff and other people involved in their case
  • Not to consume alcohol, take or sell illicit drugs on the premises or at appointments with inTouch staff.

Relevant legislation and standards

HSS Standards
QIC Standards
United Nations – Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Policy Information

Approval AuthorityExecutive
Policy Sponsor CEO
Policy OwnerExecutive, Direct Services
Policy Type Policy
Related Policies Workplace Respect Policy
Risk Management Policy
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VersionReasonApproved dateScheduled review
1.0Initial documentMarch, 2018March, 2021
2.0ReviewSeptember 2023September, 2026

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