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The vision for the Fund

The Fund is an initiative of inTouch and was established in 2018. The fund aims to fulfill a crucial gap in the system to support women in the recovery space.

We aim to help migrant and refugee women and children move beyond family violence and to start a new life.

Starting a new life after family violence is challenging, especially when facing language barriers, visa issues, discrimination and community and family isolation.

How we support refugee women and children

We aim to foster 2 things:

  • economic empowerment
  • emotional wellbeing

This is done by working with women and children to gain new skills, gaining strengthen their financial independence and rebuild their self-confidence.

We deliver programs to create empowerment and independence. Ultimately, we aim to help break the cycle of family violence and set women on a path to longterm wellbeing.

Who we help

We help migrant and refugee women and their children who are victim survivors of family violence living in Victoria.

What our impact is

We invest for impact.

Our work is evidence-informed and we deliver programs and opportunities that aim to foster financial independence and emotional wellbeing.

The activities we run are bold and informed, like the investors who make them possible.

What we will focus on

The initial focus of the fund will be helping women to establish their economic empowerment and emotional wellbeing.

We will carry out activities matching 3 focus areas:

  • Economic empowerment –  building women’s skills to strengthen their financial independency.
  • Building stronger families – strengthening the bond between mother and children.
  • Creating social connections – building community amongst fellow victim-survivors.

Hosting events for our communities

In 2019 we will host 3 events to celebrate 3 cultural festivities:

  • Christmas
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Diwali

These cultural festivities are particularly important in the lives of the women we serve.

Why we host events

Many women are separated from their families and children due to family violence. This can be lonely and hard, especially during times of cultural festivities.

We host these events to bring the women together and to create a sense of bonding and a reminder that they are not alone.

Our approach when working with women

The women are not just participants in our projects.

We hear from them about their ideas, needs, and cultural values and use these insights to inform our future programming.

We encourage women to be active participants in the implementation of a project and learn life skills along the way.

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