Give an amazing gift this holiday season- support, safety and independence for migrant and refugee women in Victoria who have experienced family violence.

inSpire works closely with migrant and refugee women post-crisis to build social connections, facilitate community participation and encourage economic independence- supporting them to build a future of their own choosing.

To be financially stable, bringing up my children and showing them women are strong and can work – it gives me hope.” – inSpire Program Participant 

Key to recovering from the experience of family violence is a woman’s ability to establish her economic independence, and therefore, her security, safety and wellbeing.
When trying to find meaningful employment, many migrant and refugee women face language barriers, visa issues, or simply may not have the Australian work experience or references they need to be a successful candidate in a highly competitive environment.

Designed and utilised by migrant and refugee women who have experienced family violence, inSpire’s suite of economic indepedence programs seek to break down these barriers.

“Got some inspiration.  It’s time to plan my life.  Everything will be better.”
– inSpire Program Participant

Anali’s Story

Anali came to Australia with a Master’s Degree and a decade’s worth of experience in Retail Management. After migrating to Australia three years ago, Anali found herself struggling. Here, her qualifications and prior job experience aren’t recognised, she was casually employed and her work hours were not enough to make ends meet. After escaping family violence, she found that paying her rent and bills while supporting two young children was nearly impossible.

Anali connected with the inSpire program through inTouch’s case management team and began to rebuild her confidence and explore her career opportunities in Australia through resume-writing and job interview workshops. She also accessed an inSpire mini-grant, which paid for driving lessons- increasing her employability.

Through inSpire’s employment partners, Anali has been recruited by one of Australia’s largest department stores, and now has secure, ongoing casual work. Through on-the-job coaching, she’s also secured an additional part-time role working at the head office of a well-known fashion store as part of their Advertising and Creative Team. Her employers are also supporting her to enter a PHD program at a prestigious Melbourne university.

inSpire’s programs work. This year, we supported 117 women to to engage with employment pathways, strengthen their knowledge of the Australian job market and participate in free training, mentoring and support- resulting in meaningful employment, safety and security. inSpire’s programs are only made possible due to the generousity of our donors- will you help us to continue this vital work?