We help to make sure that the family violence sector is able to respond effectively to the needs of culturally diverse communities. We do this by implementing a number of needs-based projects.

Our capacity building projects

This project aims to support the development of the family violence and community services workforce through:

• assisting specialist family violence and non-specialist community service organisations to increase the number of student placements at their organisations, creating a pipeline of future workers
• building the skills and confidence of emerging practice leaders to provide effective supervision to students and new workers
• creating and fostering a culture of workplace learning that sets up students and new workers for success
• orienting students and new workers to family violence practice (in specialist and non-specialist settings).

The aim of this project is to build the capacity of specialist family violence providers and mainstream services.

The project aims to improve their responsiveness to the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse communities and provide appropriate services.

This project responds to the Royal Commission Recommendation #139 which recognises inTouch as a specialist agency.

The project will enhance the current support to regional and rural service providers. The project aims to increase their skills and knowledge in cultural responsiveness.

The project also provides co-case management and secondary consultation to family violence cases.

In partnership with Lifeline Australia, this program delivers a 2 day accredited training to frontline workers.

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We produced cultural guidelines for staff when working with offenders and prisoners from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We are delivering this in partnership with Uniting Kildonan and NTV.

We offer consultancy services for maternal and child health workers and expert advice on cultural responsiveness.

We also provide input on this development plan around family violence with Latrobe University as the leading organisation.

We provide consultancy services and expert advice to the Purse Project. The Purse Project is led by WIRE in response to Recommendation 121 from the Royal Commission into Family Violence. Recommendation 121 is ‘increase financial literacy (wellbeing) training for victim survivors’.

The project is jointly led by the Department of Education and TrainingJustice and Regulation, and Consumer Affairs Victoria.