Inspire for Change, multicultural voices of lived experiences

The advisory group was established in April 2018 and in early 2019 was renamed to Inspire for Change, multicultural voices of lived experiences.

The purpose of Inspire for Change is to:

  • discuss and inform family violence reforms
  • advise stakeholders on different issues
  • advise us on projects and programs
  • advocate for changes to systems such as the legal and health system.

How often does the Inspire for Change advisory group meet?

The group meets once a month.

Who is part of Inspire for Change?

This is an advisory group made up by women who are our past clients and are at least one year post family violence crisis.

The group has representatives of different cultural backgrounds.

They provide advice based on lived experiences in the prevention and response of violence against women and children.

Get in contact with the Inspire for Change advisory group

Members of the group are also available for external consultation.

For more information please contact us on 03 9413 6500.