Our early intervention work recognises and responds to early warning signs so it stops family violence from becoming a crisis situation.

Early intervention means:

  1. Identifying people who are at risk of experiencing or perpetrating family violence
  2. Connect them with the right support at the right time

We use targeted approaches to increase awareness of family violence.
We consider the additional barriers and challenges that women from multicultural communities face in accessing support.

Our early intervention projects

Health Justice Partnership Partnership

This partnership enables us to provide a direct referral pathway from health professionals at Monash Health to our onsite legal service. For more information see our legal centre page.

Motivation for Change: Working with men who use violence

inTouch was the successful recipient of the Family Violence Perpetrator Interventions Grants Program and as a result, launched a 6-month trial program called Motivation for Change in late 2018. The program engages with men who use violence towards family members and is run by trained facilitators and case managers.

Based on our successful inLanguage, inCulture model for victim-survivors, this program is the first of its kind as it is specifically tailored to men from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. It gives men a safe space to share their experiences, learn coping strategies and strengthen their relationship with their family.

The Motivation for Change (MFC) program helps men reflect on their behaviours and learn ways to relate without using violence. It aims to motivate men to take the next step and access services that can help them change their behaviour.

The MFC program offers one-on-one case management support and 15 group sessions which are held weekly. It is free to participate and voluntary.

The program wrapped up its trial program in Dandenong and Sunshine working with men from South Asian countries and Afghanistan in 2019. A total of 37 men completed the program, a highly successful 90% completion rate. Find out more about how it went with case studies and testimonial here.

In 2020, MFC will continue to work with these communities as well as with men from the horn of Africa and South Sudan, and young men aged between 18 and 30. See information on the programs here.

To make an enquiry on the program phone 9413 6500 or email admin@intouch.org.au

Harmony Project

The project aims to upskill GPs in migrant communities, especially those from south Asian communities.

The project draws on evidence from 2 successful studies. These studies focused on the role primary health services can play in assisting family violence victims and their families.

Latrobe University is the lead organisation in this project and we will provide direct support to clients via 2 case managers outposted in the south eastern and north western region.

Upskilling GPs is another part of the project.