inSpire, in partnership with Sing&Grow, have just finished running the initiative’s first music therapy program.

Part of inSpire’s Mother and Child Relationship stream, three women and their four children took part from January to March 2021, providing families with a chance to come together, build positive memories and strengthen their relationships through the eight-week interactive program.

We know that children are also affected by experiences of family violence, and that it can be a difficult time for mothers and their children as they work to rebuild their lives. As one mother said “I don’t get the chance to go anywhere with my kids, we are at home at all day… We have stopped going to the park since we had a bad experience with another family. It is great opportunity for us to join the program and interact with other people.”

Under the wonderful guidance of Sing&Grow’s Music Therapist, children and their mothers were encourage to sing, play and dance together. Participant’s confidence and level of interaction increased throughout the project, and culminated in a celebratory Easter egg hunt on the last day.


“My daughter used to be very sad at home before coming to the program. Now, she interacts more at home and started to look happier than before. She eagerly waits to attend the music sessions and her confidence level has increased as well…she loves it. I will get the instruments so that I can continue to play with her once the sessions end…we are so happy that we could take part.” -inSpire Program Participant

inSpire relies on funds from the community to run programs like these, and many more. You can fund inSpire’s critical programs and initiative by visiting our donation page.