The Harmony Alliance has launched a new initiative, Harmony Votes, to encourage women from migrant and refugee backgrounds to be active citizens and to harness the power of their votes in the upcoming federal election. The Harmony Votes website will help disseminate non-partisan information about enrolling and voting that is tailored for women from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

inTouch CEO, Ms Michal Morris, is a member of the Harmony Alliance Council and welcomed the new initiative.

‘It is so important for migrant and refugee women to have their voices heard and the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. Harmony Votes is a great initiative, providing tailored information to women so that they can be informed about who is standing for election and their positions. Each of us has a view on a range of issues that are important to us and we all have the power to create change through our vote,’ said Ms Morris.

She concluded: ‘Women’s voices needed to be heard and valued. This initiative will provide practical support to ensure that the views of migrant and refugee women are reflected through their active engagement in the political process.’


Harmony Alliance aims to advance migrant and refugee women’s participation in economic, social, cultural, civil and political life. See the Harmony Votes website for more information and contact Iona Roy (Harmony Alliance) on 0437 294 133 for any media inquiries.

inTouch is the only accredited family violence service in Australia specialising in culturally tailored support and programs for both victim survivors and perpetrators. For over 35 years, inTouch has assisted more than 18,000 women from refugee and migrant backgrounds whose lives are devastated by family violence.

To find out more about inTouch visit the website For media inquiries, contact Sonia Morabito, Communications Coordinator, on 03 9413 6568 or email

Download the media statement here.