inTouch held its first online forum on ‘Culturally responsive practice with men who use violence’ on 25 June 2020. It was fantastic to see so much interest in this complex issue and our agenda was jam packed with 90 minutes of insightful discussion.

We presented some of the outcomes of our unique Motivation for Change (MFC) program which began as a response to the needs of our clients and working with their partners. Based on our successful inLanguage, inCulture model for victim-survivors, the MFC program is the first of its kind as it is specifically tailored to men from migrant and refugee backgrounds.

Discussions at the forum included how some MFC program principles could be incorporated in to mainstream practice when working with men. Our panelists delved in to what working with men looks like in practice, taking in to consideration trauma and women and children’s safety.

Some interesting issues identified at the forum included:

  • embedding culturally responsive practice and including cultural leaders and communities in programs for men who use violence
  • restorative practice and mediation as a ‘western’ concept, with many communities not having an understanding of this and how this impacts practice
  • keeping trauma in mind, validating and acknowledging it but never allowing it to be an excuse
  • the role of gender equity in this field of work.

A big thank you to our fantastic panelists who joined us:

• Farah Faiq, Family Violence Respondent Practitioner, Melbourne Magistrates Court
• Ali Hussain, inTouch Motivation for Change Team Leader
• Tom Griffiths, Men’s family violence consultant
• Dr Tracy Castelino, Consultant, Preventing Violence Against Women
• Hamsa, inTouch Case Manager
• Mary, former MFC Case Manager

Find out more about the MFC program on the early intervention page of our website.