We were thrilled to host Diwali in October – our first event as part of the inSpire initiative which helps women moving beyond family violence.

Classical bansuri, odissi dancing, Rangoli and Bollywood dance lessons were just some of the activities women and their families enjoyed in a safe space, amongst friends. It was beautiful to see everyone sharing a traditional Indian meal, connecting with others who have gone through the same experience. Just taking a breather from the struggles of everyday life and celebrating with others was so empowering for the women who came along.

‘Living in an unknown country, an event like this makes me feel I am part of the family. I feel accepted’ – Diwali attendee

‘We enjoyed a lot with lovely ladies. Enjoyed the food, dance and bansuri. It was really a lovely day’ – Diwali attendee

Social isolation is just one of the key challenges for women escaping family violence. Events like these allow women to come together in celebration and solidarity as they begin rebuilding their lives.

Ash, a member of inTouch’s Inspire for Change victim-survivor advisory group and project worker for Diwali, was so happy to be a part of the team organising the event.

‘I was keen to create a festival for people to come together with food and music, that felt authentic and still held a lot of value in terms of how they celebrated back home’ – Ash, Inspire for Change advisory group member

Diwali is part of inSpire, a community-funded initiative of inTouch that steps in to support refugee and migrant women just as government-funded services drop away.

Support from the community is vital and funds go towards life-changing programs that help women move beyond family violence. Overcoming hardships, establishing financial independence, feeling empowered and reconnected with the community – contributing to their emotional wellbeing and breaking the cycle of suffering.

Would you like to help make more events like this possible? Gift a donation to inSpire.